About Us

About Our Company

Melanated39 is a platform that is created to offer a safe place for people of African descent, it is filled with different forms of literature, all of which, are based around black characters as well as podcasts and other types of media that aim to educate, represent and uplift people of African descent.

What We Do

Melanated39 is a partnership that is here to help authors of African descent get the proper exposure, respect and acknowledgement that they deserve.


You can create a novel(s) with Melanated39 to be published on our platform by simply submitting your plot/idea to our team, if accepted, the author and a member from the Melanated39 team will then begin the creation of the novel(s) together.


An unfinished novel(s), as well as a novel(s) that is not up to the author’s expectations or is believed by the said author to not be at its full potential, can also be submitted to the Melanated39 team to be considered for publishing, if accepted, a member from our team will work with you to rewrite this novel(s) so it can be published on our platform.