General Giana


A soul that stands for nothing falls for everything.

A leader fights alongside their people.

The weakest man is one who never tries.

Failure is the greatest companion to a wise man.

Thought after thought



The end?

The end…



The werewolves and the human kingdoms have been at a vicious war for twenty-five years, and with the wolves’ peace treaty with the Alkebulans, they were deemed unstoppable as the war came with many defeats and captures.

General Giana, whose childhood home was destroyed by the very beasts at a young age is now set to lead her new home and kingdom of Aropia into battle, and hopefully to victory after years of training and preparation, but when the Queen of Aropia forces her to fight alongside a group of banished Alkebulans after their leader Nina offers their help, she is left to battle with another wave of chaos as her hatred for the wolves, and the peace treaty they have with the Alkebulans fuel her hatred and mistrust for Nina and her kind.

This reality leaves her at war with Nina without a map or a guide on how to navigate the battlefields to arrive at peace, but what happens when all the time they have spent tripping over the issues between them inevitably leads to her falling?

And how long will take for her to realize it?


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