Picture Us


“You know these pictures show you how I see you,” I confessed the second I had returned to my designated spot.

“Really?” She asked as I gazed into the viewfinder once more.

“Yeah, because for me to prepare you to take the picture there has to be an image in my head,” I started.


“An image that has been formulated from my own perception,” I continued.


“From me seeing you over and over again. And from this image, I tell you how to sit among other things so you can reflect how I see you when you’re not here and I think of you,” I finished while watching as her face split into a shy smile through the viewfinder.



Picture Us is a short story that depicts the bond between two women. The short story perfectly displays the transition to the next stage of their relationship and the emotions that come with it, in one night as they further secure their bond with conversations and soft exchanges.

With this book, we dedicate the wise words of our ancestors/people, “Love, Like Rain, Does Not Choose The Grass On Which It Falls,”

Until The Lion Learns How To Write, Every Story Will Glorify The Hunter.


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