Sankof Mafia: Book One

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The most disappointing reality that I encountered upon arriving here was always how easily my brothers and sisters in this country can raise their hands to break, bend and kill the spirit, souls and vessels of their people without proper reasoning, but allow the same people who kill and oppressor them because of their beautifully melanated skin to roam free with their only response being a hashtag or a protest.

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The Sankof mafia wasn’t like any other mafia since their roots weren’t planted in corruption but instead the elevation of their people, and their don Yera Rose was the leader of it all. Under the guidance of her ancestors, Yera has successfully protected not only the people of her tribe but people of African Descent wherever she has been led.

But with a role/purpose that forces her to be hard, what happens when life throws her a connection that requires her to be soft?

Will she allow herself to fall?

Because what is truly heaven when you walk with hell?

1 review for Sankof Mafia: Book One

  1. Diera Smallwood (verified owner)

    I truly love this novel. It’s a novel that I tend to read over and over just as i do with the others i’ve purchased from here , they’re very refreshing 🤎 .

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