The Forgotten Book One: Chapter Three


Why are the compliments that I direct at my people rooted in words of disrespect?

Isn’t it supposed to be common sense that the words I would never use to call my ancestors, my mama or my father should not be used to call a sister or a brother?

I am Keith.

I am captured.


The Forgotten is a book comprised of individual chapters, all of which aim to educate people of melanin and tell the stories of forgotten/hidden knowledge. This book was created to open eyes to the harsh reality that is the conditioning of melanated minds, and with this chapter, we dedicate the wise words of our ancestors/people, “We Do Not Inherit The Earth From Our Ancestors, We Borrow It From Our Children.”

This chapter will be displayed and told by the fictional character Keith Daniels in a creative manner. His character is written to illustrate the effects of miseducation in melanated people since he is a man of melanin who still battles with the chains on his mind. His role is to show how the trauma gained from slavery moulds the way we raise our children and interact with each other.

Until The Lion Learns How To Write, Every Story Will Glorify The Hunter.


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