The Forgotten Book One: Chapter Two


My mother told me my Jesus was white but never told me my skin was gold. 

My brother told me we were oppressed but never tried to get free.

My father told me we were surrounded by lies but never tried to discover the truth.

I am Jahaziel.

I am free.


The Forgotten is a book comprised of individual chapters, all of which aim to educate people of melanin and tell the stories of forgotten/hidden knowledge. This book was created to open eyes to the harsh reality that is the conditioning of melanated minds, and with this chapter, we dedicate the wise words of our ancestors/people, “If You Close Your Eyes Then You Will Learn Through Accidents.”

This chapter will be displayed and told by the fictional character Jahaziel Williams in a creative manner. His character is written to illustrate the miseducation of his own people and the frustration that comes with knowing the truth in a room filled with lies as a man of melanin.

Until The Lion Learns How To Write, Every Story Will Glorify The Hunter.


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