The Frequency Of Compulsion

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Swan-like gestures.

Literal perfection.

The frequency of compulsion.

The frequency of desire.





My body rotated on the silver lining of my life, and with each turn of my vessel around the pole came its descension in a graceful manner that had my own essence becoming hypnotized to fall into a trance that aligned with a frequency that could capture one’s mind as my legs divided to hold the formation of a split.

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Twenty-four-year-old stripper Leana Jones was born into a state of survival, and after years of battling with the situations life has placed before her, she is now stuck with trauma and scars that beat her to the point of no return. So what happens when life throws a love in the middle of the battle that will require her to put down her defences and simply be?

Will she trust it or will she turn love away?

1 review for The Frequency Of Compulsion

  1. Fantasia Morris (verified owner)

    I finished this book rather quickly and had to read it again literally right after . It’s such a touching and loving novel with moments that will have you laughing and then next moment have you saddened . I can not wait for the next journey of the two 🙂 !

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