Alpha Zaelah Book One: Realities Demise – AAVE VERSION

The fresh smell of blood outstretched its hand to greet my nostrils as the screams from outside continued to invade my attentive ears. I tried to ignore it, but the reality of men and women losing their lives in a battle fueled by the werewolves was one that could not be overlooked.

No matter the number of soldiers we had sacrificing their lives for us, for their people, we knew deep down it wasn’t enough to keep the monsters from taking our kingdom as they did many others.

I knew there was no way we could defeat them, they were beasts after all.

Beasts with one intent, which was to kill.

Hope was the only thing keeping me going, and I was fearful that it was only a barrier that subconsciously blinded me from reality. This sense of hope kept us fighting a battle that we knew was already lost.

The hope of freedom.

The hope of living a life without fear of the woods.

Kept us fighting a war that could never be won.

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The werewolves and the human kingdoms have been at a vicious war for twenty-five years, and with these years, came blindness as everyone forgot what they were fighting for and who they were fighting for.

Zaelah, the recently crowned Queen of Aropia had heard many stories from her father about the beasts who could disguise themselves as her kind and kill without regret, and after years of watching the war take place between the werewolves and the human kingdoms, her mind is made upon who they were and what they were capable of.

Now she must lead her own kingdom away from the destruction she had watched many others fall into. This leaves the weight of her entire kingdom on her as well as many expectations held for her to defeat the leader of the beasts, Alpha Malik, and raise Aropia to victory and safety.

But what happens when the man she is supposed to kill turns out to be her mate?


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