Queen Carlisiann – AAVE VERSION


Time became a blur when the sound of battle outside greeted my ear, making it more difficult for me to stay put and wait for instructions from our protectors about what to do because with every minute the sound got louder, prompting my breathing to do the same as my vision got darker and darker until…


Carlisiann breathe.



I need to breathe…

Suggested Price: $10


In the realm of Xolo stands a powerful queen descending from the royal bloodline of Sejlky whose heart is half-frozen, Queen Carlisiann. With the title comes the bearing of the curse placed upon her people, one that dooms them to the loss of their magic, and makes their beloved home unlivable unless destiny is continuously fulfilled.

So to overthrow this curse Queen Carlisiann must walk with destiny as her ancestors have done many time before and marry a Lvaiekian, whose heart is filled with fire. With their unity comes balance because only a Lvaiekian can break the ice within the Sejlkyian royal’s heart, and only a Sejlkyian can disperse the fire within a Lvaiekian. But, Queen Carlisiann hesitates to follow through with this intended fate because of her desire to marry for love.

But when the choice of marrying for the heart is ripped away after she goes unwedded for three years, Queen Carlisiann is now at risk of losing her throne, her people, and their magic, which now leaves her without a choice but to marry a noble Lvaiekian, but what happens when the man that she’s supposed to be wedded to has already found his forever in another soul?


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