Examine what is said, not who is speaking’ these words were held by the hands of deeply given wisdom and I was lucky enough to not only know them, but understand them. I knew they were the reason I stood where I stood in life, my ability to capture knowledge from all no matter the source which it came from.

I learned from my friends, my enemies, life and even death himself. I wasn’t bound to my ego and maybe that was the reason I remained alive for this long while being on top, or maybe it was my vigilant approach to everything, even love.

My father would always tell me “Prevention betta than cure” and I lived by that statement.

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Messiah Voodum, Westside Queenpin, is well known as one of the biggest players in the drug game, so much so that the mere mention of marijuana comes with the mention of her name. Even with all this in a country where marijuana is illegal in large amounts, she is unknown, her name rings bells for most but her face remains a mystery, and the fact only renders her even more powerful.

The three-way alliance she has built between herself, her close friend Derrick (D), and her brother Dantae is leading the distribution game in marijuana and cocaine, not only in her country but Jamaica as well. With her being in charge of marijuana, and D and her brother controlling the cocaine she has earned immense wealth, but the wealth isn’t all that her rise from poverty has brought.

It also leaves her with a sense of caution that weighs on her shoulder every day and paranoia that suffocates, to such an extent that after spending years building an empire and taking care of herself and the people closest to her, she has dominated all aspects of her life except one, love. So what happens when she finds someone who seems to be all worth it?

What happens when she meets Grace Conley, a high school teacher, with whom she immediately holds intrigue for? And who becomes the one thing that seems to be giving her a reason to trust and desire love again?

Will she dive in or allow her trauma to leave her restrained?

You have met God, now meet the devil….

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  1. EyeamGod99 (verified owner)

    Loved the book, I didn’t want it to end lol can’t wait for part 2!

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