Thirteen years since my family and I were forced out of our home in Gayaun.

Thirteen years since I decided to learn combat to fight the very beasts who attacked my family, my father.

Wen di drumma dem change dem beat di danca dem mus change dem step dem to.

These words danced in my mind as a reminder of the unpredictability that is the life that shaped me.

Wen di drumma dem change dem beat di danca dem mus change dem step dem to.

Five years aguh mi tun General Giana.

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General Giana Walker has built a life in the middle of chaos, not of free will, but by a forced nature, werewolves, the very race that eliminated her hold on peace at the fragile age of childhood by destroying and capturing her home of Gayun. That truth of destruction left her dedicated to one task, gaining back that peace by any means necessary.

Years later she is now titled Aropia’s War General as the war between the humans and the wolves continues, and she must lead her people to victory against the very beasts, who buried her in chaos. But as much passion and determination as she holds, the task isn’t one that can be done because of the power of the werewolves mixed with the treaty they hold with the Alkebulans.

This fact leads the Queen of Aropia to accept the help of banished Alkebulans, which only further disrupts Giana’s plan to escape chaos since she now dwells with the enemy in her space, and despite all her concerns, there is no changing the fact. She is doomed to work side by side with a walking, breathing trigger for her trauma and paranoia.

What makes all of this even worse, is that unknowing to her, the leader of the banished Alkebulans, Nina, that she is destined to work with is her mate…


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