‘The man who counts the bits of food he swallows is never satisfied.’ Those were the words my parents’ had served me everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner to mould me into the person I was today.


I was grown to be grateful for every step, every breath, and every meal I ate because there was no way of telling if it’d be my last. I was grown to appreciate everyone who had proven themselves accable to receiving such an act of kindness, and I was grown to be appreciated by anyone I let into my circle because as much as I was taught to be grateful I was also taught not to let me be taken for granted.

I was grown to want, but be grateful for what I had.

I was grateful for peace…



Janella Bayo, a real estate agent who is busy climbing her way to the top, has lived a still life of peace with her biggest problem being her next promotion. That is until a night of celebration with her friends prompts an unexpected turn of events, which leads her to stumble into the arms of Zaheel Osei better known by most as Prince, an Eastside kingpin with a heavy hand in the distribution of drugs, and the order that maintains his communities.

Prince’s charm mixed with Janella’s ignorance pulls them into a relationship based on the lie of who Prince really is, and the relationship only grows as Janella continues to be unaware of his true identity, and Prince makes no move to make her wiser since he likes the reality of being able to be his real self around her without the suffocating embrace of his street persona.

The blissfulness that is ignorance causes Janella to fall in love with him, but what happens when the blindness to the man she loves is met with the glasses of truth and she now sees betrayal, will she stay or will she leave? And who did she really fall for?

But then again, what is truly love if it does not once render you blind?


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