‘If you close your eyes then you will learn through accidents,’ the statement danced through my mind as I walked into the store, while the sound of sirens continued to engulf the atmosphere in a noisy manner, and I shook my head slightly knowing it was the sign of another lost life, sad as it was, it was reality, men died every day by the very object they praised, the gun.

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After leaving an abusive and mentally draining relationship Brittany Davis decides to dedicate her life to herself and her daughter Aria, but what she didn’t expect was to meet Jazmine Johnson a self-made billionaire who has spent her life rebuilding her community despite the many challenges that were set in place to restrict her.

When they meet Brittany decides to dodge Jazmine like any other person, but Jazmine’s persistent nature makes it hard to do so leaving them to begin something that would change their lives forever.

This union comes with many trials as their pasts, presents and futures intertwine weighing on their already present problems, as Brittany deals with her trust issues concerning Jazmine as well as her ability to be vulnerable, and Jazmine battles with the effects of the seeds she has planted.


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